At ifscarlet, we believe that fashion should be clean and simple, but with a touch of sophisticated personality. Our brand is inspired by lady Scarlet, who embodies beauty, sensibility, and a little bit of attitude and stubbornness. We strive to outfit fashion-forward ladies in the USA and beyond with must-have wardrobe essentials that exude individualism and style.

Our boutique online shop is based in Los Angeles, and we carefully curate our products to set the trend with limited edition pieces that are both on-trend and timeless. We specialize in trendy luxe-feeling garments that allow modern women to express their individuality in sensible ways.

Craftsmanship and Quality at the Forefront: 99% of our products are crafted in South Korea, a nation renowned for its top-notch quality manufacturing and adherence to first-world standards in labor and environmental practices. This strategic choice underlines our commitment to offering high-quality garments that meet the expectations of socially conscious modern women. While this approach may not position us as the most affordable option in the market, it ensures each piece we offer is a testament to superior quality and ethical production, ticking all the boxes for our discerning customers.

Sustainability at the Heart: Our products typically take about 5-10 days to ship out because we maintain a minimal stock, with the majority of our items sourced directly from the manufacturer on an order-by-order basis. This approach stands in stark contrast to many fast-fashion brands prevalent today. Our commitment to limited stock ensures that products are crafted in focused batches, emphasizing quality over quantity and steering clear of the pitfalls of mass production. This not only brings a distinct touch to each piece but also significantly reduces environmental impact. By choosing selective and efficient allocation of goods, we prioritize sustainability over rapid turnover.

At ifscarlet, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. You can reach us at for any inquiries, and we will respond within 24 hours during business days in most cases.