Ballet Banding Shoes


The "Ballet Banding Shoes" collection is a contemporary nod to classic ballet flats. Each pair features a charming bow tie and an elastic banding that ensures a snug fit, offering both style and practicality. The quilted insole adds an extra layer of comfort, making these flats suitable for all-day wear. Whether you choose the subtle elegance of the soft pastel shades or the rich, deep tones, these shoes are a versatile addition to any ensemble, blending the gracefulness of a dancer with the everyday ease of a modern lifestyle.

True to size

Front heel height : 0.5cm / Back heel height : 1cm / Ball width : 8cm 

Color : Beige / Grey / Black

Size : US 5.5 (225) / US 6.0 (230) / US 6.5 (235) / US 7.0 (240) / US 7.5 (245) / US 8.0 (250)

Content : 100% Poly Satin 

Care Instructions : Soft Brushing

*** Please note this item ships out in approx. 5~10 days after order placement ***

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